The Jugl Advantage

Business Collaboration that Makes Business Sense.

Complete data retention

Own Your Communications

You have complete control over your communication data, with the ability to wipe company data from personal devices, and complete data retention.

Own Your Communications
Improve Performance
increase task productivity

Improve Performance

Jugl’s intuitive task and calendar event management means your employees work more efficiently, increasing task productivity by up to 40%.


No Distractions

Keep your employees on task with an easy-to-use communication and collaboration app that doesn’t offer any distractions.

No Distractions
access to only authorized users

Secure Storage

Ensure only authorized users have access to Jugl’s secure storage and share your sensitive information with exactly who you want to.

chat-based interface

No Learning Curve

Adopt in less than 7 days. There’s no learning curve and your employees can quickly adopt. Jugl’s chat-based interface is instantly recognizable and easy-to-learn for any user.

No Learning Curve
Everything At-a-Glance
easy-to-view screen

Everything At-a-Glance

Employees can see every task and event that they’re involved in, on one easy-to-view screen with Jugl’s powerful task view dashboard.

Who Jugl is Designed For?

With Jugl, Businesses get to own their data, have their own space to run their business, assign tasks, and chat with their people.

Manage group tasks

Easily assign and manage group tasks all in one


Chat, call, and collaborate with your people, vendors, and clients.

Jugl cloud storage

Store all your data and intellectual property on the Jugl cloud.

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